Monday, August 12, 2013

Essence Haul

Hi everyone,

Lately I have been watching a lot of videos on youtube that talked about this brand and I got really interested in finding out about the brand and try some of there products. I found the store that sell this brand in Cyprus and got some products therefore I forgot some and I will go back and get more. I wanted to get at list one product from each type to check it out.

In Cyprus you can get this brand at U perfect stores (info about the store send me a mgs and I will tell you) or else you can get them on ebay. Nevertheless the products are very affordable so you don’t need to get them from ebay. The only think that will make you get them from ebay is to want a product that you can’t find at stores. Like the Essence sponge that I wanted to try but didn’t have it at store and I will get it from ebay.  Also the have a webpage that you can see there products but you can’t buy from there.

Now let’s get started with the haul.

Lipstick in #60                                     2.79
Large bronzing powder shade 01         4.49
Eyeshadow #58                                    1.99
Eyeshadow #53                                    1.99
3D duo Eyeshadow                              3.49
Quattro eyeshadow #07                       3.49
Smokey eye brush                                1.79
Powder brush                                       3.49
Match2cover cream concealer   #10      3.29
I love punk Jumbo eyeliner pen              2.99
All about matt fixing powder                  4.29
2in1 profi file                                         2.99

 eyeshadow #53
 eyeshadow #58

Used the two above eyeshadows in a night out make up and love them good pigmentation and last a good time.
 3d duo eyeshadow
 match2cover cream concealer

Didn't use them yet.

  Bronze powder. 
Tried it and it is a nice product for natural look. I think that for a night out i need i color darker than this.

 Lipstick #60 
Loved this nude pink color it is great. I buy a lot of this kind of style. Pink and nude colors are my favorites.
 quattro eyeshadow #7
 jumbo eyeliner pen

I have not use them yet but i am really looking forward to try them on. Especially the eyeliner because i didn't own anything like it before.

 smokey eye brush and powder brush

Used them once but i want to use them more to have an opinion for them, brushes are very important to say anything about them so quickly.
 eyeshadow base
Didn't try it ether can wait though because is one of the products that saw many good reviews about it.

Have you guys tried any of Essence product? Tell me your opinions about them. Soon i will talk to you about my reviews of the products. Until next time have fun.

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