Friday, May 10, 2013

May Haul

Hi people,

I  have a haul today to show you. I bought two new brushes and two Maybelline products. I like Maybelline a lot as you have notice :) and i buy a lot of staff from them. But my next haul will be products from other brands. So stay tuned for the next haul.

This time i got two Brushes from GOSH. The first one is an eye angle brush and the other one is eye shadow brush.  The price of the angle brush was 8.72 euro and the eye shadow brush was 7.06 euro.  The angle Brush is a synthetic one but the other one it is natural hair. I was looking for a blending brush that will be a small brush for a long time but i couldn't find an affordable one until know. Some people may bother them that it is natural hair that is way i like that they say  on the frond of the box so people know what they are buying.
From Maybelline i got the liquid eyeliner in color black. Inside the box it also has a brush for applying. I usually buy eyeliner pencils or pens but quit some time i really prefer the liquid eyeliners because i think they look much better and there easier to work with, with the wright brush. I also got the color tattoo eye shadow in color pink gold. The eyeliner cost 11 euro and the color tattoo eye shadow was 10 euro.

I bought everything from Debenhams in The Mall Of Cyprus. You can find Maybelline products much cheaper online. If you want online pages let me know and i will tell you. I haven't find a page that ships GOSH brushes or any GOSH products in Cyprus. If you know any page tell me because i will like that.

I buy many staff online the reason i did not bought them online is because i had a gift card from Debenhams and i had to use it. Bought also clothes. Tell me if you will like to make also clothes hauls also.

I can't wait to try them out. I am really exited about them. I really wanted to buy them for a long time but i always got other staff and wasn't able to get this once.

I will try them out and i will review them. I have many reviews to talk about them so be tuned and about the reviews. If you want me to buy anything new to try on or you want a review let me know.

Until next time have fun. Don't forget to follow and comment.


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