Friday, August 28, 2015

3 ingredients salad idea

Hi everyone,

I am sure your all so happy it is Friday. TGIF. Weekend on the way.. 

So i thought i tell tou a simple and tasty recipe for today.. You will need only 3 ingredients to make it but it so good everyone. Perfect for a lazy Friday.. 

Lets get in to the ingredients. You will need crab sticks, cabbage and coctail sauce. 

I like this salad also with mayonnaise. But this is up to you and what you like better..

I often eat this salad with fish fingers or fish burgers and same potato chips. Like i had today. Mmmm.

I hope you all have i nice weekend until
Next time have fun.


Thursday, August 27, 2015

My personal idea of a wrap.

Hi everyone,

How you all doing. I hope you have a good week. If you don't i hope my recipe of a wrap will change your mode. 

First let me tell you what ingredients you will need.

You will need 1 yellow and 1 red pepper
Yellow cooked rice
Wraps tortillas 
And last beef burgers 

You cook your rice and frie your pepper.

Put your tortillas in microwave for couple of seconds to warm them up and your ready to wrap them up.

Love the combination of meat, rice and sauce. They are easy and tasty. 

I make them for work all the time and i also change the meat, they are great for lunch or dinner with chicken even with veggies.

Try them and i would like to tell me if you like them.. 

Until next time have fun..